Rev. Dr. Russell Kulisich

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Let’s Study The Bible

Starting off with prayer for our country and ending with Jesus’ temptation and what that means for us today, Pastor Russ covers many bases all revealing the power available TO us through the Holy Ghost IN us!

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A Little Bit Of Everything

Message from Sunday June 26, 2016 titled “A Little Bit Of Everything” There are so many important points, messages, and teachings in the Bible so Pastor Russ covered a little bit of everything!  Being Born Again is the key, but there is MORE!  How much more does God have for you?  LOTS MORE!  Just reach…

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Mother’s Day Message

Message from Sunday May 8, 2016 A simple uplifting message about the powerful women of the Bible who paved the way for all our praying mothers and grandmothers If you have any questions, please contact us Find more videos and messages on our YouTube channel!