Back to Basics 5: Are the signs following you?

Back to Basics 5: Are the signs following you?


Message from Sunday May 1, 2016 from the series titled “Back to basics.”

Jesus said that these signs shall follow them that believe! Are you a “them?” Are the signs and wonders following YOU? Are you flowing in what He has for you? Let’s get back to the basics of the Word and all the Lord has for us in and through it!

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Rev. Dr. Russell Kulisich
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Russell Kulisich

Rev. Dr. Russell Kulisich, aka Pastor Russ, has been walking with the Lord since 1986.  He founded Jesus Is The Answer Ministries in 1989 which includes the church and motorcycle ministry.

The ministry started with a vision he had about coming out of the fog and seeing the gold cross.  Pastor Russ created a design and put it on a tee shirt, wore it to Laconia Bike Week in Laconia, NH doing ministry everywhere he went and JITA Ministries was born.  From there he moved to a coffee house on Middlesex Street in Lowell, Massachusetts.  He held weekly Sunday services and many other services such as Bible study during the week.  As the needs of the people grew, so did the church.  The Lord led Pastor Russ to an old 1800s church that was being condemned by the city and blessed him with it.  Pastor Russ fixed the building and built Jesus Is The Answer Church where he remained for over 20 years.  In 2015 Pastor Russ moved the church to the Motorcycle Ministry location in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.  The Chapel is the new worship center for Jesus Is The Answer Church and with more land the ministry can hold more special events among other things.

Pastor Russ has worked tirelessly over the years for his ministry.  He has a bonafide church and motorcycle ministry, both of which are highly respected in churches all over the country as well as in the motorcycle community.

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