Back to basics 4: Are you salty?

Message from Sunday April 24, 2016 from the series titled “Back to basics.” Jesus said we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  Salt is a preservative – how can we preserve the Light if WE are not preserving ourselves IN it?  Are you salty? If you have any questions,…


Back to basics 2: Get your footings in

Message from Sunday April 10, 2016 from the series titled “Back to basics.” You need a strong foundation to build a solid house, but to have a strong foundation a good builder knows you need strong footings!  Let’s get back to the simplicity of the Word to build up our footings in Jesus! If you…


Back to basics

Message from Sunday April 3, 2016 from the series titled “Back to basics.” It’s time to simplify.  Get back to the basics of the Word and Jesus’ commandment: you MUST be born again!  Too many people want to complicate and confuse the salvation message and the teachings of Jesus.  Let’s get back to basics with…