The Jesus Ride



About “The Jesus Ride”

 “The Jesus Ride” is held annually at Bike Week in Laconia, NH.  2016 is Laconia’s 93rd Anniversary and the 6th Annual ride for “The Jesus Ride.”  It’s a ride for JESUS!  The idea for the ride came to Pastor Russ from Jesus Is The Answer Motorcycle Ministries a few years ago.  He wanted to have a ride for ALL believers and patch-holders under one banner.  Not under a group or a ministry or a church but under one name: JESUS.  If we call ourselves believers, ministries, evangelists, and churches but can’t come together in solidarity for a Jesus ride, then what are we doing?  “The Jesus Ride” makes a profound statement when we ride by and the onlookers see all the different Christian patches, believers, and supporters all riding as one for the King!

The ride is held on the LAST Saturday of Bike Week.  You can see the date and time in the official rally magazine or see us at the Ministry Trailer during the rally (located at the Lobster Pound)

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Check out our flyer!
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Check out our flyer! (Click to enlarge)
Jesus Ride