Get Involved!


There are many ways to be part of Jesus Is The Answer Ministries!

Are you interested in becoming part of Jesus Is The Answer Ministries?  Maybe you feel like you’re called to the Motorcycle Ministry?  Or maybe you want to get involved by becoming a monthly partner?
JITA Ministries is always looking for new church members, Motorcycle Ministry (M/M) members, and supporters who want to see the Lord work through this ministry.  The Lord works through different people in different ways.  It’s not enough to just have the Chapel or the motorcycle ministry, we also need those who are dedicated to hospitality or visitations or financial support – just to name a few
Whatever aspect of the Ministry you feel the Lord is leading you to support or join, contact us!
If you’re interested in becoming part of the Motorcycle Ministry, specifically as a patch holder, you must first go through our Discipleship Program.  For more information on the Discipleship Program click here